Getting the e-ring

I wanted to write about this for the longest time since we went shopping for the ring together last year. However, I did not get to see the final product (in real at least) until I was proposed to.

So.... that's why the post is only published now. Well, I also don't want to sound so presumptuous - writing about something that I have yet to receive officially  So yes I've received my ring on our anniversary dinner celebration about 2 weeks ago. Although I had shopped for the ring with him, he still managed to surprise me with the proposal 

Back to the ring. It all started middle of last year when a friend of mine introduced me to Jannpaul as that was where she got her engagement ring. Not that I was shopping for one, but besides making rings, they also customize other forms of jewelry like necklaces and earrings. When the boy told me his friend is looking for a place to buy rings, I threw up Jannpaul as an option that he can consider. 

When the boy returned for a 3-week long holiday in October last year, he surprised me with a visit to the shop in Orchard. 

"Since you will be the one wearing it for life, I want you to pick your own engagement ring"
You can imagine my shock when he dropped the bomb on me while we were waiting for the lift at the carpark. And thankfully that wasn't his idea of a proposal 

Our first visit to Jannpaul was completely unplanned and it turned out they close at 7.30pm on weekday nights. Our first visit and it was closed - bad on the boy for not researching properly haha. So he made an appointment with one of the sales person and we paid the outlet a second visit - which made it the first official visit to the store.

We were tended to by Cheyserr - a very sweet lady. She's extremely vivacious and pleasant to chat with. The boy made it clear that while he will make suggestions, I will make the ultimate decision on the design and carat size (subjected to being within his budget of course!). In my opinion, it does help that we were tended to by a female sales person - she could understand some of my concerns and design ideas better. If you search around the forums, you will notice everyone will go through the same diamond education course on their first visit to Jannpaul. We were no exceptions. It was educational and I was impressed she spent a good 1.5 hours with us and didn't push us to buy anything. Instead, she wanted us to discuss and think through what we want and if we are still keen, we could always drop her a note.

And so we left Jannpaul and went around other bigger chains to shop. By the end of that day, we were still thinking about them and decided we will go with our hearts 

We (or rather me, since the boy flew off after paying a deposit on the diamond I picked) made a few more visits after the selection of diamond and setting - I wanted a little customization and it needed a fair amount of tweaking. They even provide complimentary wax mold to give you a rough idea how the final product will look like.

All in all, I must say I was impressed with the level of service that they provide. There was not a single point in my whole experience there that I felt I was being forced or pushed to buy something beyond my budget or something that I didn't like. If anything, Cheyserr was open to providing advice on the setting whenever I ask. The whole experience felt more like going diamond shopping with a friend.

Now that the proposal is done - we will need to start planning the banquet! 

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