I always get asked what does my blog address means.

It is a by-product from a period of my college days when I was obsessed with Greek mythology and history. It was a stage where everything I owned had a Greek name, including an iPod nano by the name of Apollo (the Greek god of light and music) and a random pet called Elytheria (romanized Greek term for freedom). Did you know that there are actually 370 Greek Gods? Bet you don't! 

And.. I've digressed 

Chara means "happiness or joy" in Greek. Lampos comes from the word lampo in the same language, which translates to shine. Putting them together gives you "to shine from happiness or joy". So no I am not obsessed with a particular Greek footballer. Hehz

This blog was conceived on my birthday in College Year One. It would imply that there are many earlier posts that include rants about school, annoying friends and (on hindsight) hilarious childish relationships. Some of them may contain excessive use of dots in-between sentences and short forms or even ones that utilize alternating capital letters. I wish to add they were pretty hip at that time.

This space exists to make up for my short-term memory, a repository of everything/everyone I love from wonderful celebrations to lovely friends to traveling to eating. I want this to be the place I can visit when I'm all old and wrinkled (and hopefully not senile), to remember all the good things and lessons in my life 

When not working, writing on this blog or tweaking design elements for this space, I divide my time (unevenly) across spending time with my loved ones, discovering new eateries, torturing myself in hot yoga classes, hunting for new things to learn and expanding my ever-growing reading and traveling list 

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