Sorry to say this....

But I think NTU is getting a little too desperate?

Anyway, this entry is not against any individual or organization in particular.

My friend messaged me when I was still in school. Saying if you want to see how desperate NTU is, please google "SMU Singapore"

I went home, did that, and found nothing.

Something told me to visit Daryl's blog. So it was there. Double click on picture for bigger view.

No wonder I couldn't find it. Coz it was removedalready.


[update at 9.17am on 20th March 2008]
I take back my words about the removal.

I found it on Google Singapore.

I clicked on it. Yea it's a live link to NTU admissions.

So darlings, are you guys thinking that we don't surf the net?


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