Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!

Because I'm boring and cannot think of a better title, I'm going to reuse the same one I used exactly one year ago. Haha!

So 2015...

was a fruitful year for me - especially so in terms of financial planning and career related areas. 


It's my 3rd year and counting in this company and I foresee myself staying a few more years. My team went through some ups and downs this year, witnessing the departure of 2 analysts. We managed to hire one replacement before the year ends and I'm grateful for that - it's mad crazy without the 2 headcount. 

Thanks to my wonderful bosses, I received more exposure this year - ranging from a cross-department training with the Finance team in Malaysia to fronting the team for a review in Australia all by myself. This helps to push myself out of the usual comfort zone and I had to hold my opinions in the boardroom. This year, I get to mentor the new hire as well. 

In this aspect, I think I did fairly well for the year at work. 


I reckon I fare ALOT better in this area compared to 2014. I fell sick a grand total of two times in 2015 and that is a pretty good record for me. Cleaning up the diet probably helps a lot - with lesser processed food, limiting fried food to only once every 2 weeks and cutting back on sugary drinks. I could really do better in the sleep department though. 

Maintaining my gym schedule does help as well. To ensure that I follow through my exercise regime, I usually plan them out 1 to 2 months in advance. But this also meant some of my social life were affected because I had to turn down last minute meetups. 

Made an effort to visit my cousin more often at her skin clinic and get my eczema problem settled. I can safely say all that diligence paid off and even my old eczema scars are healing well.  

I finally went for a dental appointment on the very last day of 2015 - not proud to admit that I haven't seen a dentist for the entire year. Gross! 

All in all, this year made me realize that good health is never a given. Love and take care of body and in turn it will take care of you. 


I had the aim to finish 30 books in 2015 - failed terribly at it. I only managed to finish half that target. Totally blame it on mobile game apps on distracting me during commute instead of finishing my reading list. 

This year my reading list was a little different from what I set out to read - which were mostly supposed to be entirely business finance based. I decided to have a more diverse reading list by introducing books relating to public speaking, emotions management and also workings of the brain. 

Big thanks to my sister for subscribing to our national papers, now I make it a habit to read the papers daily and it certainly has helped me keep abreast of issues. 


2014 saw many of my close friends getting married, 2015 saw a lot of baby full month parties! Huifang had her baby boy Ethan, Shaun and Xinyi saw the arrival of baby Daniel, Lyna and her baby girl Maryann and my little cousin welcomed her second son. 

My bro Yeow also got hitched this year. Happy year for all my friends! 

I set out to be a better friend this year - I think I did okay. Mainly because none of my friends have disowned me yet. Haha! 

I'm still not the patient sister or daughter I had envisioned myself to be so in this area I flopped terribly this year. 


Achieved my saving goal for the year! 

In matters of the heart, J and I have grown in the relationship despite being apart for most of the year. He made a lot of effort to come back whenever he could and I really appreciate that. We also made some significant steps in our relationship, one of which being the application for a Build-To-Order flat this year :) There's another one which I will speak of at a later date.


I traveled a fair bit for work in 2015 - going to Malaysia twice, China and also Australia. All were fruitful trips where I learned a lot. Looking forward to more of such opportunities in 2016!

All my personal travels this year were made to Shanghai where I had 2 separate weeks of wonderful time with the boy. 

For 2016...

It's another year of goals setting and getting closer to dreams! 


I had a conversation with my bosses before 2015 wrapped up, that I crave for more responsibilities such as fronting my own portfolio and having the opportunities to hold my own in meetings with the high management. They have supported the notion and is willing to open up those routes for me.

Definitely looking forward to 2016 where I can achieve that few milestones that I've set for myself!


I am fairly pleased with my health status in 2015 with a perfect A health screening report (according to the GP at least) and no eczema flare-ups. The only thing I can't seem to quit is milk tea and I want to cut back on that in 2016 - instead of daily, I want to cut it to thrice a week.

2015's diet worked for me (no withdrawal syndromes thank goodness) and it shows that I can really live with lesser fried food. I shall continue that into 2016 as well.

Going to the gym 3 times a week in 2015 was a good habit to keep and I aim to maintain that in 2016.


I didn't get to stick with my 2015 reading goals but I want to give it a try again. This year round besides the usual business and financial planning books, I want to venture into different genres.

This year, the target remains at 30 books.


I realized as one gets older (big 30!), one starts to realize that it's more important that friends come in quality rather than quantity. 2015 was a year where I see myself getting closer to people who matters and that is something I am extremely grateful for. This year, I want to cherish those who matters.

Not the best child anyone ask for - with all that impatience and hot temper-ness. My parents are getting on in years and it's about time I wise up and stop being such a brat sometimes. This year, I want to manage my impatience towards my parents and be a more dutiful child.


Financially, I hope to achieve yet another saving goal I set myself.

In matters of the heart, I can't wait for the boy to be back for good in June! Meanwhile, maybe I will aim not to throw tantrums at him too often hahahahaha.


Work related travels are not up to me so I can't make a resolution on that.

On a personal level, I will be flying to China at least one more time before the boy returns. In view of my saving goal, that is likely to be the only travel plan for the year!

Shall end this post with a quote that I want to use as my driver for 2016

Onwards to an amazing 2016 everyone! 

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