Descendants of the Sun

If you haven't been living under a rock in the last few weeks, you would probably have heard about this drama already. Actually if you were living under a rock, you might still have heard about it. 

Yes because it's that big a deal - it's been viewed over 2 billion times in China and raked in over 40% nation-wide viewership in South Korea. The best part being, the show hasn't even ended its run! 

The Koreans have done it again 

I thought I could never love another drama so much after My Love From The Star about 2 years ago. Why?!?! Why do this to me?!?!?! Now I'm stuck in it.

I have absolutely no idea why I'm hooked onto it but I guess having 2 strong-minded female leads is the refreshing part for me. It's no longer about 2 needy people who can't make up their minds if they want to be together - and spending the entire drama serial playing hard to get with each other. This show stood out for me because both leads are independent complete individuals (one being the Captain of special forces and one being a doctor/surgeon) who are completely honest with their feelings for each other, right from the start. It's a story of 2 human beings with conflicting values (one saves through death as a soldier who kills for peace and one protects the human lives by being a doctor) who wants and commits to being together and that really worked for me.

Male lead being an absolute eye candy does help too. 

Song Hye Kyo has always been my favourite South Korean actress (Autumn in my Heart classic from almost 2 decades away anyone?) and she doesn't look like she aged a single day since her first drama. Laneige skin products are going to fly off the shelves 

Sigh. These Koreans are really pros at making you lose touch with reality. It took me a fair bit of discipline not to binge watch and I think that's a healthier way to enjoy such productions. I'm only at episode 5 when most of my friends are already on episode 14 (latest available one) 

BRB while I continue swooning over these ridiculously good looking people and an increasingly exciting story line 

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