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Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!

*Wipes away cobweb* Wow it's been so so long since my last update here!

Since I lack creativity and originality, I've decided to stick with this title moving forward, similar to 2017's and 2016's.

So 2017...

was quite a year! It has been an immensely fulfilling year for me for both work and personal side of things. 2017 was much more fulfilling than 2016 in many ways but I found myself more whiny and less happy. I'm not too sure why! I guess it's one of those things where you get everything you want in life and you start to forget how to give thanks 

If 2016 was unfulfilling, 2017 would be the complete opposite! Work and learning opportunities was stagnating for me in the previous workplace - my bosses highlighted that I had reached a bottle neck and that they could no longer value add for my growth. It was quite a frustrating stage for me as I've had build quite a large network and credential in the firm and would have been extremely beneficial if I could progress further with that foundation. Office hours became quite a torture as work no longer becomes challenging and I was rather disheartened with the lack of opportunities despite very good appraisals. 

Yet, even at such moments, life surprises you in ways that one can never expect. While chatting with an ex colleague who had moved on to a new company, he shared that my expertise could be put to better use in his firm. A few conversations later, I resigned and joined him in his new office. With a much smaller team and a much more aggressive growth target than my previous company, I found myself thrown into various projects and having to spearhead different initiatives. It was and still is a refreshing change since I made the move 6 months ago. 

I remembered someone told me before that one should "be careful of what you wish for" and this is probably one of those times! In the last 6 months, I barely had time to read any books or even blog on this platform. I'm also less active on social media as I found I had better use of my time to study new things at work. 

It was and still is a good change and work challenge that I sorely needed. Extremely thankful for that! 

Have also been accepted into a professional association that I've been building my experience for the last 4 years for and nominated into Board of Directors in late 2017. In the professional aspect, it has been a tremendous year. 

I fared way better in the first half of the year - when I had a much less challenging work environment and had a co-worker who's a vegetarian. I also found more time to visit a Chinese sinseh in the first 9 months of the year until work got too overwhelming and I had to cut down on my trips to visit the sinseh. As cliched as it sounds, I do feel the difference that 9 months of TCM brings - I was more energetic and my limbs didn't feel as cold as they used to.

2017 is a year of big changes for me and I must say at certain points of the year I did not handle them very well. With the house, upcoming wedding and career switch, I feel stretched and overwhelmed for most parts of the year. While I had aimed to practise more mindfulness and keep my inner negativity in check, I would say I failed this year.

In terms of trips to the gym, it's still a lot lesser than I had target it to be. I am also in 2 minds if I should continue the gym membership that I've been utilizing since 2010 as the dwindling trips is making it quite unattractive financially.

I read even lesser books in 2017, clocking only 15! This is just embarrassing as it seems to be on a downward trend  This also means I missed my target of 30 for the 3rd consecutive year! 

2017 is a mixed bag year for my close friends as it was filled with both great and sad news. I attended 1 wedding per month in the last quarter of the year and saw the birth of 3 babies - Audrey, Charles and Issac. Christmas gatherings have become quite a crowd these days! 2017 also saw the departure of my friend's mother and another's grandmother. It is true that the sign of the 30s is when you start witnessing yourself or your similar-aged friends experience some form of loss.

On the family front, my uncle has unfortunately been diagnosed terminal brain cancer that spread to his bones and lungs. This came as such a big surprise for us as he was so hardy and takes very good care for his health. An ex-colleague of mine was diagnosed with NMO, a rare auto-immune disease which attacks the nervous system. All these remind me that life is so fragile and so short. Really does make a lot of things in life look so insignificant.

I'm still not on the best terms with my parents, especially my mum. Sometimes the clashes in wedding preparation expectation does make things a little awkward. I really should be a more sensible child given that my parents are really getting on in years.

Besides being a big year for career changes, 2017 is also a big year for me in other personal matters. After almost a year of house hunting, we finally found our dream place in June 2017! This was such a big relief for us. We got the keys in November 2017 and is currently finalizing our renovation plans. CANNOT WAIT TO GET THIS PLACE DONE UP! 

After the proposal in September 2016, we managed to finalize and confirm most of the big items and vendors required for our wedding in 2018. I thought we were being absolute kiasu in our wedding prep already but there are so many other couples who booked their vendors way before we did. Still amazes to no end. I'm very happy to say we manage to secure all our dream vendors and big kudos to the boy for being an absolute sweetheart in the many requests I have had so far for the prep.

It is not easy juggling both home renovation and wedding, not to mention the huge sum of money required  It is also 2 big projects that we undertake as a couple. We fought and made up many times through the last one year and it truly helps to build a stronger foundation for the relationship as we understand each other better through the process.

I also did not fulfill the goal to blog more on this platform. Yikes.

I did not get to invest as much as I want to in 2017 - mainly because I had no spare time to read through articles or conduct my own analysis. The bright side however was, despite purchasing the house and making payments to most of our wedding vendors, my savings stayed pretty intact for the year. That's just excellent news for me :)

I have had traveled twice in my new work role to places I have never been. once to India where I visited Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore and once to Chengdu. The office also gave me my first ever APEC card! Absolutely looking forward to more travels with the new co 

On personal trips, the boy brought me to Bangkok to celebrate my birthday and also to relieve some of the wedding prep and house renovation plans stress. It was an amazing 4 day trip filled with endless good food and excellent massages!

For 2018...

Similar to 2017, it is going to be a super exciting year - with the wedding FINALLY taking place and also kickstarting the renovation for our home 

After 5 years with the previous company, I finally made the decision of leaving the comfort zone. It was a wise choice as I sorely needed a more challenging environment.

With the more autonomy in my new work place, I look forward to growing my career and developing my professional skills this year.

I picked up the bad habit of having too much caffeine in 2017 (read: 3 times a day! ) so I aim to reduce that this year. Reducing to 1 or maximum 2 on challenging days would be the target for the year. Best if I can avoid them completely on weekends. It's not going to be easy but I will get there!

Trips to the gym was very sporadic in 2017 and I really need to up my game in 2018 (especially with the wedding omg!). I am quite satisfied with my diet except that I could really do with more fruits. Something to work on in the new year!

Keeping negativity in check is still challenging for me - especially when there seem to be a lot of items/issues to settle on many fronts. I do need to remind myself that these are all things that I've had wished for (an amazing partner, a dream house in the location we want and a mind stimulating work environment) and I should be counting my blessings that I'm facing happy problems :)

Sadly, I've missed my target for 3 consecutive years and I'm just really embarrassed. However, I do not wish to lower that target and aims to keep it to 30. Gotta keep trying!

Someone in my old work place once told me that as you get older, you are more concerned with the quality than the quantity of your friends. And that is so so true (am I aging so quickly already??). While I want quality for the friendships that I keep, I must also bear in mind that I want to be that quality friendship someone else wants to keep.

2018 will be another year of weddings (including my own) and probably more babies!

I hope my relationship with my parents improve in 2018, and that I learn to hold back my words if they are not going to come out nice.

2018 is going to be a big year for the boy and I - with the renovation of our new home and also our upcoming wedding. It really isn't easy juggling both, be it time, energy and money. But, I do want to remember all these as happy problems (as what ALL my married friends tell me) and to cherish the experience of having partner with the boy in 2 of the bigger projects of our lives together.

On the investment and personal savings front, I do hope to invest more and continue to grow my savings/liquidity. With my parents aging and increase in adult responsibilities like mortgage and taxes, personal financial management is definitely becoming increasing important to me.

I'm unable to tell if I will be able to have my honeymoon within the year itself (my brain has no more space for planning anymore things haha!) so I'll probably dedicate this area to my work travels. I hope to visit more properties now that my team is more firmed up in terms of structure.

And maybe, just maybe, a new place of adventure with the boy as well 

Pretty much like how I end all my new year post, here's the quote to drive 2018 - to be mindful of my own vibe and to be surrounded by my kind of tribe 

Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017!

Amazing. I know we probably say this every single year - but damn this year really flew by! I am every bit the left-brainer so I'll just stick to the same title I have exactly one year ago 

So 2016...

was a bit of a mixed bag year for me - immensely blessed in personal relationships and financial planning but not that great in terms of work. I guess you could say I gained some, and lost some 

It's my 4th year in this company and it's my longest serving company since I joined the workforce! It's pretty incredible what one year can change - my bosses went from being the biggest supporter of my career growth to telling me that they have no more value-add to it. All within one year! Big sigh.

The bright spark was I got to assist the Finance department in a performance review and audit trip to Yangon. I learned so much in the 2 weeks stationed on the property. It certainly helped immensely that the 2 colleagues I tagged along with were extremely helpful and willing to share their findings and experience. 

On the whole, I felt stagnated in my current role as it offers very little challenges in my opinion. 

In terms of health, I think I fare pretty well! I caught a bout of flu somewhere mid-year after coming back from Shanghai and that was the only time I fell ill in the entire year. 

My diet has changed a fair bit this year, steering towards that of a vegetarian diet. Having a co-worker who has the same diet certainly helps and most of my lunches in 2016 were vegetarian - not the fried-gluten-mock-meat kind of vegetarian though! I have certainly found joy in this diet as I find myself consuming lesser meat even with my family and casual dinners. As cliched as it sounds, I do feel lighter. 

2016 was not as great a year for fitness as compared to 2015 I must admit. My gym schedule was going all well until that bout of flu (yup I'm blaming it on the flu hahaha) which saw me drop the gym for a straight 3 weeks as I wanted full recovery and steered clear from any form of exercise during that period. As with most things in life, once you stop, it requires herculean strength to kick start it all over again. Yes, 3 weeks was all it took to take away my drive. My gym sessions dropped from 3 times a week to 2 and sometimes once  In the name of laziness, I certainly did not bother to drive myself harder as well. Yikes. 

I missed my reading target in 2016, reading only 19 books instead of the targeted 30. This meant missing my goal for the 2nd consecutive year! On the bright side, I cleared 4 more books than 2015. Hahahaha. A dear friend of mine read 100 in a year - incredible! That is a number I will find it hard to hit. Might have to start with quitting the mobile games 

This is a year of proposals (myself included) and babies. My bestie announced her pregnancy after trying for almost 4 years - conceived naturally! So so happy for her! Different groups of friends saw the birth of their babies this year and wow conversations have definitely changed - from wedding planning previously to now diapers and childcare  A few friends finally proposed or got proposed to this year, looks like it will be another wave of weddings in the next 1 to 2 years! 

I wish I could say I am a better daughter and sister but I keep falling short of that. My tempers are still short, especially when it comes to my mum blasting the TV as her hearing deteriorates with age and her playing mobile games day in and out. 

I fared not too shabbily in terms of financial planning. But of course, there will ALWAYS be room for improvement in this area. I do wish I had bought more stocks this year as I held back as there was just too much volatility this year for me to venture into the market. Well can take that as a lesson I guess! 

In terms of my romantic relationship, I'm really really happy to have J back for good. No more long-distance! He brought our relationship to the next level when he popped the question after our anniversary dinner :) We have commenced our house hunting and booked the venue for our banquet. Exciting (and probably stressful as well) times ahead! 

I only traveled once for work this year and that was Yangon. It was a fruitful trip but I do wish that I had more opportunities to visit the overseas properties.

Similarly, I only had one personal trip in 2016 to Shanghai. It was to meet the boy and we had a fun time exploring Beijing (you can read about our visits to Temple of Heaven, Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Lama Temple and Prince Gong Mansion).

For 2017...

It will definitely be an exciting year of changes (hello mortgage and wedding planning!) and setting deadlines for some dreams :) And may it be a year where I surprise myself with what I am capable of.

2016 is a year I feel I truly plateaued in terms of professional growth  On a positive note, it does force me to reflect on what are the skillsets I should be focusing on in the next 3 to 5 years and how to find those opportunities either within the same company or elsewhere. 

It's a little hard to plan if the job-hop will happen this year so I will focus on learning as much as I can in my current place by exposing myself to more cross-department training and property audits if possible. This would really help to build my portfolio towards my goal of being an effective asset manager. 

With the pending wedding, I will have to start taking this more seriously. Hahaha. Especially so in terms of diet - while I'm happy I'm more into the whole vegetarian diet now, I do have to cut down on the junk food like cookies and chocolate, especially so at work. 

Fitness seems more important now as well, I need to look fit and lean in my wedding gown! #priorities  Will definitely to kick start the whole 3 times a week gym routine.

I've included one more WELLNESS category this year I do find it getting increasingly important as the age and responsibilities creep up. I have had negative thoughts running through my mind in 2016, especially so with the setbacks and growth plateau at work. I will want to practise more mindfulness in the coming year :) 

I'm going to be absolutely shameless and go for the same target I've set myself in the last 2 years. 30 books it shall be! 

It is indeed true that the older you get, you cherish the quality friends a lot more. I guess it has something to do with having lesser personal time and also more family responsibilities. You prioritize meaningful relationships more than focusing on collecting a large number of friends just for the sake of it. 2016 was a great year in terms of friendships for me (didn't lose any! Hahaha) and I hope 2017 remains the same. 

I will be a more tolerant child this year and will need to bear in mind that my parents are getting on in age. It is high time I disregard certain habits of my parents that will not change and that I should focus on cherishing my time with them. 

2017 should be a year that I will see a lot of capital outflow with the pending wedding and house hunting that is going on. We hope to get our house within the first half of the year and that should see a huge hole in our pockets! The good thing is we have saved up a fair bit so far but we will have to continue to be prudent with our funds and continue the saving habits that we have. 

On the investment front, I want to be less emotional about my money and stocks. 

This year will see a lot of changes in the dynamics of my relationship with J, with plans to own our first matrimonial home and also plan our ROM and wedding. I'm honestly really excited about building a future together with the boy :)

I will have to add one more item to this category - which is to blog more on this platform. I have had this space for a good 12 years and it has been a great depository of wonderful memories. For it to continue that way, I will definitely need to be more active in keeping this page updated! 

As I've put my hand up for more property audits next year (which hopefully materializes), I hope to be on more corporate travels! 

For personal travels, J and I will probably plan for a short trip or no overseas trip at all especially with the house hunting, pending renovation and wedding planning that will take up the bulk of 2017. 

Like good old tradition, I shall end this post with a quote for me to drive 2017: 

Goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016!

Because I'm boring and cannot think of a better title, I'm going to reuse the same one I used exactly one year ago. Haha!

So 2015...

was a fruitful year for me - especially so in terms of financial planning and career related areas. 


It's my 3rd year and counting in this company and I foresee myself staying a few more years. My team went through some ups and downs this year, witnessing the departure of 2 analysts. We managed to hire one replacement before the year ends and I'm grateful for that - it's mad crazy without the 2 headcount. 

Thanks to my wonderful bosses, I received more exposure this year - ranging from a cross-department training with the Finance team in Malaysia to fronting the team for a review in Australia all by myself. This helps to push myself out of the usual comfort zone and I had to hold my opinions in the boardroom. This year, I get to mentor the new hire as well. 

In this aspect, I think I did fairly well for the year at work. 


I reckon I fare ALOT better in this area compared to 2014. I fell sick a grand total of two times in 2015 and that is a pretty good record for me. Cleaning up the diet probably helps a lot - with lesser processed food, limiting fried food to only once every 2 weeks and cutting back on sugary drinks. I could really do better in the sleep department though. 

Maintaining my gym schedule does help as well. To ensure that I follow through my exercise regime, I usually plan them out 1 to 2 months in advance. But this also meant some of my social life were affected because I had to turn down last minute meetups. 

Made an effort to visit my cousin more often at her skin clinic and get my eczema problem settled. I can safely say all that diligence paid off and even my old eczema scars are healing well.  

I finally went for a dental appointment on the very last day of 2015 - not proud to admit that I haven't seen a dentist for the entire year. Gross! 

All in all, this year made me realize that good health is never a given. Love and take care of body and in turn it will take care of you. 


I had the aim to finish 30 books in 2015 - failed terribly at it. I only managed to finish half that target. Totally blame it on mobile game apps on distracting me during commute instead of finishing my reading list. 

This year my reading list was a little different from what I set out to read - which were mostly supposed to be entirely business finance based. I decided to have a more diverse reading list by introducing books relating to public speaking, emotions management and also workings of the brain. 

Big thanks to my sister for subscribing to our national papers, now I make it a habit to read the papers daily and it certainly has helped me keep abreast of issues. 


2014 saw many of my close friends getting married, 2015 saw a lot of baby full month parties! Huifang had her baby boy Ethan, Shaun and Xinyi saw the arrival of baby Daniel, Lyna and her baby girl Maryann and my little cousin welcomed her second son. 

My bro Yeow also got hitched this year. Happy year for all my friends! 

I set out to be a better friend this year - I think I did okay. Mainly because none of my friends have disowned me yet. Haha! 

I'm still not the patient sister or daughter I had envisioned myself to be so in this area I flopped terribly this year. 


Achieved my saving goal for the year! 

In matters of the heart, J and I have grown in the relationship despite being apart for most of the year. He made a lot of effort to come back whenever he could and I really appreciate that. We also made some significant steps in our relationship, one of which being the application for a Build-To-Order flat this year :) There's another one which I will speak of at a later date.


I traveled a fair bit for work in 2015 - going to Malaysia twice, China and also Australia. All were fruitful trips where I learned a lot. Looking forward to more of such opportunities in 2016!

All my personal travels this year were made to Shanghai where I had 2 separate weeks of wonderful time with the boy. 

For 2016...

It's another year of goals setting and getting closer to dreams! 


I had a conversation with my bosses before 2015 wrapped up, that I crave for more responsibilities such as fronting my own portfolio and having the opportunities to hold my own in meetings with the high management. They have supported the notion and is willing to open up those routes for me.

Definitely looking forward to 2016 where I can achieve that few milestones that I've set for myself!


I am fairly pleased with my health status in 2015 with a perfect A health screening report (according to the GP at least) and no eczema flare-ups. The only thing I can't seem to quit is milk tea and I want to cut back on that in 2016 - instead of daily, I want to cut it to thrice a week.

2015's diet worked for me (no withdrawal syndromes thank goodness) and it shows that I can really live with lesser fried food. I shall continue that into 2016 as well.

Going to the gym 3 times a week in 2015 was a good habit to keep and I aim to maintain that in 2016.


I didn't get to stick with my 2015 reading goals but I want to give it a try again. This year round besides the usual business and financial planning books, I want to venture into different genres.

This year, the target remains at 30 books.


I realized as one gets older (big 30!), one starts to realize that it's more important that friends come in quality rather than quantity. 2015 was a year where I see myself getting closer to people who matters and that is something I am extremely grateful for. This year, I want to cherish those who matters.

Not the best child anyone ask for - with all that impatience and hot temper-ness. My parents are getting on in years and it's about time I wise up and stop being such a brat sometimes. This year, I want to manage my impatience towards my parents and be a more dutiful child.


Financially, I hope to achieve yet another saving goal I set myself.

In matters of the heart, I can't wait for the boy to be back for good in June! Meanwhile, maybe I will aim not to throw tantrums at him too often hahahahaha.


Work related travels are not up to me so I can't make a resolution on that.

On a personal level, I will be flying to China at least one more time before the boy returns. In view of my saving goal, that is likely to be the only travel plan for the year!

Shall end this post with a quote that I want to use as my driver for 2016

Onwards to an amazing 2016 everyone! 

Goodbye 2014 and Hello 2015!

I've not been the best person in keeping this blog updated - and for the daily readers who still bothered to pop by every now and then, I thank you immensely for showering this friend/stranger some of your precious time :)

Since this is the first post of 2015, I'll make it a cliched one - one that wraps up the previous year and talks about the next.

So 2014....

has been a very ordinary but beautiful year for me. Ordinary because there was no exceptional feat I did in 2014 that makes me want to jump up high and fist pump myself. Beautiful because many things happened that still makes me smile with my heart warm.


I started 2014 with a promotion at work. I've had switched a few jobs almost every other year in the first 3 to 4 years of my working life. This meant I never stayed long enough to be promoted within the firm although I've always left with glowing appraisals from my then bosses. This promotion definitely meant something to me. Covering additional responsibilities has helped me grow over the last year and I'm definitely looking forward to more growth opportunities in the coming years.


I still failed terribly at taking care of my health although I vowed to clean up my eating habits and exercise regime at the start of 2014. I fell sick a grand total of 6 times this year - 2 of which took almost 3 weeks to recover. Not the best sign for someone still in her 20s (albeit late)! The year ended with me sick and yes I counted down to 2015 with a nasty cough and running nose.

Fortunately, I managed to maintain my exercise regime right till budget season - before it all fell apart.


My reading goals died mid way through the year - not proud of it either. I would love to blame it on the harsh work schedules but who am I kidding when folks like Steve Jobs and Warren Buffett reads voraciously even in their demanding roles.


2014 witnessed the marriage of many of my close ones - Joyce to her life-long friend Vincent, Huifang to her high school sweetheart Jerly, Pamela to her partner in crime James, my cousin Danny to his favourite lady Sofie and my little cousin Xinjuan to her best friend since middle school.

I still did not become the good daughter and sister that I wanted to be - I still had my fair share of tempers and lost patience on my parents more times than I should.


Thankfully, I kept to my saving goals. Probably a side product of getting closer to the big 30, I've become much more conscious of the insurance policies I buy (and what they cover). 2014 saw a surge in the number of meetings and emails exchange with my financial planner and I'm glad to say I closed off the year satisfied with my financial planning.

Attended a few finance classes this year and I'm glad to say there were so many great useful retirement planning advice I've taken away from the folks who were kind enough to share them.

Last and all, I met the new love of my life - albeit it's only 3 months old and he's far away in Shanghai for an 18-month long secondment, we are still doing fine.


This year has been relatively mild (compared to my earlier career options) in travel, being only to Australia for work and Myanmar for leisure. Mild as they were, both were places that I've never been to until this year and both were beautiful in their own ways. I wished I traveled more on a personal/leisure basis but I have to keep an eye on my financial goals as well. Something has got to give sometimes I guess!

For 2015...

It's always nice to start the new year knowing what you fell short of last year and why you need to improve this year :)


Now that I have spent exactly a year in my new (or not so new) role, I'm motivated to learn more and move on to the next level. The feedback session with my direct report late last year fueled my hunger to build necessary experiences and skill set in order to move up the ladder. I need to work harder this year to not let him, and most importantly, myself, down.

This year, I want to be able to manage junior staff better and be able to hold my opinions better in a boardroom.


2014 ended on a tough reminder to myself that health is so so important. Over the last one year I can feel my health deteriorate - frequent bouts of flu and a much longer time to recover. I came back from Myanmar with a deep chest cough that witnessed the come back of my asthma. I haven't had that since I was 15 years old! Determined to steer my health back on track, I've visited 2 sinsehs, 1 who has helped me with my eczema 4 years back and the other one recommended by a good friend of mine. Both commented that my diet and lifestyle need to change - more fresh food, no fried food and minimal late nights.

This year, I will clean up my diet (fried food free for the last 1 week and counting!) and be the obedient patient that my Chinese sinseh needs me to be. Exercise regime will resume when this bout of cough is over so my health and fitness level can be back on track. This body - will after all be the one and only place I have to live in - I might as well make it a good place to be.


Since last year, I've kept my readings to strictly non-fiction books - mostly business and finance based. This trend is likely to be here to stay, especially with friends sending in lists of books to read from Business Insider, Inc. Com, Forbes and Stanford School of Business! I've kick started the year with Peter Lynch's Beating the Street. I'm only into the first chapter and I'm enjoying it so far.

This year, I aim to finish 30 books.


I've come to realized some of my close friends are afraid of asking me for favours because they were afraid I would be busy - when Huifang got married, she said it took her courage to ask me to be her emcee whereas I was exhilarated to be able to host her wedding with my (and also her) bestie, Wendy. She mentioned that she knew I was busy with work (mostly) and was afraid I would turn her down. Then it dawned to me, while I've always thought I was a great friend, I actually wasn't. I was always preoccupied with work and my dear friends have thought themselves as burdens sometimes if they were to reach out to me.

What a terrible friend I've been.

The same rings true for my parents - both of whom have always hesitated to trouble me because I was mostly impatient with their request for help relating to electronic gadgets and other administrative matters (both do not speak or read English).

What a terrible child I've been.

This year, I still want to be a more patient daughter and sister to my family. I want to be more generous with my parents - in both monetary terms and love. I also want to be a more understanding friend who can listen better and be there for my friends whenever they need me most.


Financially, I want to be able to maintain my saving habits and reach my desired financial goals. I will be more disciplined and focused in driving and reaching these milestones.

In terms of relationships, I want to be a better girlfriend to J. He's been a great (and bigger) guy so far, coping well with my weird temper and always putting me first in his plans (be it now or future). Now that we are miles apart due to his 18-month secondment in Shanghai, I've learned to cherish time with him more. Although we video-chat every single night, it doesn't lessen the lack of his presence here in Singapore. I definitely still miss having meals with him just across the table or just holding his hand and walking down streets.


I foresee slightly more personal travels to Shanghai this year just because J is now there and it's not possible that he flies back all the time. Had plans to hike Mount Rinjali in May but that is likely to clash with the original schedule that was set aside to visit J in Shanghai. Anyhow, we will work these timings out ;-)

And here's my favourite quote of the year to wrap up this post:

Don't wait for inspiration. Be the inspiration. 

HELLO 2015! Wishing you all a great year ahead as well! 

Hello 2014!

First post of the year and I would love to start it on a positive note :)

A friend sent this to me the other day and I thought I should share it.

1. Let go of all thoughts that don't make you feel empowered and strong.
2. Let go of feeling guilty for doing that you truly want to do.
3. Let go of the fear of the unknown; take one small step and watch the path reveal itself.
4. Let go of regrets; at one point in your life, that "whatever" was exactly what you wanted.
5. Let go of worrying; worrying is like praying for what you don't want.
6. Let go of blaming anyone for anything; be accountable for your own life. If you don't like something, you have two choices, accept it or change it.
7. Let go of thinking you are damaged; you matter, and the world needs you just as you are.
8. Let go of thinking your dreams are not important; always follow your heart.
9. Let go of being the "go-to-person" for everyone, all the time; stop blowing yourself off and take care of yourself first. Because you matter.
10. Let go of thinking everyone else is happier, more successful or better off than you. You are right where you need to be. Your journey is unfolding perfectly for you.
11. Let go of thinking there's a right and wrong way to do things or to see the world. Enjoy the contrast and celebrate the diversity and richness of life.
12. Let go of cheating on your future with your past. It's time to move on and tell a new story.
13. Let go of thinking you are not where you should be. You are right where you need to be to get to where you want to go, so start asking yourself where you want to go.
14. Let go of anger towards old lovers and family. We all deserve happiness and love; just because it is over doesn't mean the love was wrong.
15. Let go of the need to do more and be more; for today, you've done the best you can, and that's enough.
16. Let go of thinking you have to know how to make it happen; we learn the way on the way.
17. Let go of your money woes - make a plan to pay off debt and focus on your abundance.
18. Let go of trying to save or change people. Everyone has her own path, and the best things you can do is work on yourself and stop focusing on others.
19. Let go of trying to fit in and be accepted by everyone. Your uniqueness is what makes you outstanding.
20. Let go of self-hate. You are not the shape of your body of the number on the scale. Who you are matters, and the world needs you as you are. Celebrate you!

Source: Mind Body Green

And with that, I wish all readers (and thank you for still dropping by despite the absolute lack of updates!) a beautiful year ahead with overwhelming joy, truckloads of love, heavenly blessings and abundance of great health and wealth! <3


So it's erm the 16th day of 2012 and I think most people (except me) are done with their goodbyes to 2011 and hellos to the brand new year.

I just sent out an email to my annoying superior and I hope he gets off my back soon :D I should really be sleeping now but since I'm waiting for the alarm to ring for the removal of my facial mask, I shall just do a quick post. This is so not a quick post. darn. Haha

2011 had its fair share of ups and down.

Career wise, I was poised for a promotion with my previous firm but I left for good reasons. Reasons that kept me in my current role despite being verbally and emotionally abused by my superior. Haha. I must say things have gotten better because the HR and some senior management people have taken things into their own hands and they stood behind me. That being said, it doesn't mean I'm not opening to other opportunities. It is my good fortune to always have ex colleagues and friends standing by me, offering their Headhunters as my avenues. I've spoken to another 2 headhunters and who knows?

Family wise, I still quarrel with my parents. A lot. Though I must say I'm getting that wee bit better of not snapping back at them when I'm terribly annoyed and tired with work and them bugging me about everything under the sun.

Friends. 2011 has to be THE year which I attended the most number of gatherings! From NYE countdown, to the band clique's birthdays, to more SMUBE gatherings because of my BF, more JC gatherings because them girls wanted to be there at the lowest points of my working relationship with my superior, more uni comm service clique gatherings because we came together again (with 2 new additions!) when Ziqiang got married late last year and re-acquainting with primary school friends because we've all reached a different stage of our lives (career, marriage, breakups and blah). When I was in my previous 2 firms, work was satisfying and work was everything. I could skip gatherings, skip birthdays because I was so wrapped up in the world of climbing the corporate ladder. 2011 was different, not because I suffered setbacks in my new role, but because it dawned to me I never wanted to become the person that my current superior is. He has no friends, no family to call his own, in his 40s. Bitter, has little regards for personal time and is just lonely most of the time.

Love wise, 2011 proved to be a fruitful one! Hahaha. Are you reading this Quek? Hahaha. Thank you for putting up with my whiny complaints and sometimes, I know unreasonable requests. Thank you for being a big part of the "good" in my 2011 :D

I had too long a list for 2011, so I've learned my lesson. HAHAHA. Be more focused, woman!

In 2012, I hope for:-

#1: Better health
I've lived all my life eating junk food and god bless me I have never been quite overweight so far. But such fortunes is believed to be short-lived. So this year I hope to eat less junk food - and aim for just 1 fast food meal a week! The BF is going to take me to more salad bars moving forward so I hope I will start to love salads like he does. Haha. 3 visits to the gym per week, including at least one yoga/pilates class too!

Oh and drink more water. Hahaha. 2 litres a day!

#2 Better temper
Mainly due to the level of stress at work, I've been reduced to a short-fused bomb in 2011. Just ask my family members or my BF and you might get a glimpse of what I mean. And I'm very sorry they had to be at the receiving end of my inability to process such unhappiness from work. I snap at small things and became a very ugly woman I must say. In 2012, I hope to hold my temper better, be less affected by the negative people in life.

"Don't let anyone's ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be" was my bestie's message to me. Yes bestie, I will bear that in mind :)

#3 Read more
Sadly, I did not accomplish the goal I set for myself to read a book every month for 2011. I only read 3! Geez. I want to wish for the same thing for 2012. I believe I can achieve that this year :)

My current read is "The Magic of Thinking Big" by David Schwartz.

#4 Disconnect, to connect
If I had been anti-social when I had my blackberry, I must say I became VERY anti-social after getting the iPhone. This article from New York Times has certainly hit a few nails.

"We have more and more ways to communicate, but less and less to say" How very apt.

Today, I spent the whole day at my internet- and computer-less grandma's house, without my phone. When I realized I left the house without it, I was jittery. I was, well, uneasy. But it made me spend more time with my uncle, and talking to my grandma over tea and butter toast.

After the dinner ended, my mum said "Isn't it good to be away from your phone? You talk more. We seldom talk these few years. Our years are numbered, don't wait for us to be gone, before you want to talk to us."

That hit me like, I don't know. During the cab ride home, I thought alot. I was always either working on my laptop or busy with my phone when I'm home. Mum was right. I want to disconnect more in 2012, in order to connect more.

#5 Visit funky food places
Thanks to the BF, I've had the honour of dining at many places in 2011. I want these food adventures to go on in 2012! :)

#6 Like seriously, go travel for fun
No I didn't accomplish the travelling for fun part of the resolutions for 2011. My travelings were ALL for work. GAH.

This year, Bintan and Bali/Bangkok are in the works, one for with the BF's colleagues, and one for K Ho's stag night. I suggested to the BF let's go Europe somewhere end of the year - including Austria, Prague and Czech. We'll see! :D

#7 Show more gratitude
I was mostly an angry woman in 2011, especially the later part of it. HAHA. And I forgot to give thanks to a lot of things. Like giving thanks to my understanding parents who provided great home-cooked food everyday, who gave me a warm bed to come home to, giving thanks to the BF for always being so patient and putting up with my crazy workload and my even more crazy short-tempers, giving thanks to my dear friends who made me realize what's most important in life, and to life in general for being so good to me in the last 26 years.

In 2012, I want to show appreciation for the smaller things in life and to live everyday fully and with gratitude. I want to be a thankful girl.

#8 Maybe learn some cooking?
Ok I admit, I suck at cooking. I'm at best just maggie mee standard, and it doesn't even include adding fancy stuff like veggies and meat balls. Embarrassed, I am. Yes, my BF cooks better than me. And it is my good fortune that I get to eat the stuff he cooks all the time when I'm hungry.

So towards the end of 2011, he requested that I cook once for him. Poor guy, must have suffered the entire year. Ok B, will learn to cook in 2012 la! ;-)

#9 Mastering the word "Action!"
If there's a tournament for Procrastinator of the year, I'm definitely up for nomination in the Top 10. I've given so much thought into things like losing that 2 kg, revamping my room (oh god, I still have friends askig me if my room is done up already. I started that project...2 years ago...), buying a new study desk, getting that new laptop (I'm still caught between Windows or Mac!!! OMG I'm terrible I know), getting my IPL sessions in place (hairy issues you know), and I don't know.

2012, Yu*Hui is going to be Ambassador of the word "Action!". Mark my words.

#10 Save save save!
Good thing, I did double my savings account in 2011. So that part of the resolution (which is rather important) has been ticked. I want to double my savings again in 2012. And hopefully, start some investments too.

$$$$ come to me! :D

2012 is going to be awesome. I just know it. Cheers to 2012 everyone! :D

Mid Year Score-Card

Now that July is coming to an end soon (time is passing by wayyy too fast!), I guess it's also time to look at what how much I've accomplished on the things I've set out to do at the start of the year.

1) Pass CFA Level 1
 - OK I'm not too sure about this because the results are not out yet. But I have a badddd feeling I'm going to fail :(

2) Do a 10km run with Wendy, Huifang and Jielin
 - Checked. (although just with Wendy and WaiTeng).

3) Proceed to try got Half Marathon
- Checked

4) Gym at least 3 times a week - covering at least 10km a week coupled with weights and resistance training
- Checked on 3 times a week at about 9km.

5) Start attending Yoga classes
- Nope :(

6) Sleep 7 hours a day
- Nope. Ok this is not very possible. Get real Yu Hui.

7) Spend more time with the parents and Grandma
- Unfortunately even after the change in job, I only managed a small incremental time increase for my family :(

8) Limited allergies outbreak to only 3 times this year
- None so far! I shall not jinx it

9) Explore Singapore like a tourist
- Nope.

10) Visit a city I've never been to for LEISURE purpose
- Nope

11) Stay positive and vibrant
- Checked. And will continue to do so!

12) Visit Lantern/Ku De Ta/1 Altitude/Helipad/Overeasy/Spruce
- Only Overeasy! Hahaha

13) Watch a musical
- Checked. Lion King!

14) Be atas and try TWG at Ion Ochard
- Nope

15) Try 3 2 new sports
- Checked! One third of it though. Have only picked up tennis recently

16) Visit Universal Studios Singapore
- Checked!

17) Picked up photography
- Nope. I haven't even got my DSLR! Haha

18) Learn all the models needed for work
- I've moved on to a new role which needs me to build MY OWN models. Wayy cooler :)

19) Cycle at Desaru
- Nope

 20) Dive at Redang
- Nope!

21) Read a book a month
- Major fail

22) Make a point to reunite with old friends
- YES!!!

23) Acquire the speed of clearing at least 1 project a month
- Not applicable ;)

24) Double my savings account
- Work in progress ;)

25) Bum around a beach resort
- Visited one for work and didn't get to bum around. Haha

26) Save enough to send my parents on packaged tour to Hainan in 2012
- We shall see :)

27) Do a one time splurge at Equinox
- Nope. Maybe I should hint to the bf. Haha

28) Get a new laptop!
- Saving in progress :)

29) Pick up piano again
- Mega fail

30) Be a regular blood donor
- Have only donated once so far. Shall schedule to another one soon!

Ok I shall be shameless and say not too bad for a mid-year scorecard! Hahaha

Blueprint of 2011

I promised myself to come up with a list of things I wish to accomplish or do in 2011. I'm very proud to say despite the crazy work schedules, I managed to come up with something decent.

Top 30 things to do in 2011:
1) Pass CFA Level 1
2) Do a 10km run with Wendy,Huifang and Jielin
3) Proceed to try for Half Marathon
4) Gym at least 3 times a week -covering at least 10 kilometres a week coupled with weights and resistance training (let's come back to that later)
5) Start attending Yoga classes as an attempt to slow my life down (??) as suggested by the doctor
6) Sleep 7 hours a day
7) Spend more time with the parents and Grandma - especially since Sunday is now officially my Mug Day for CFA.
8) Limit allergies outbreak to only 3 times this year - I need to stop developing rashes over nothing :(
9) Explore Singapore like a tourist (maybe with a guidebook!)
10) Visit a city I've never been to for LEISURE purpose
11) Stay positive and vibrant - learn how to stay focus on my own energy and not get boggled down
12) Visit Lantern/Ku De Ta/1 Altitude/Helipad/Overeasy/Spruce/Dempsey's any restaurants
13) Watch a musical (Lion King!!)
14) Be atas and try TWG at Ion Orchard once
15) Try 3 new sports - maybe Air Rifle, Cable Skiing and Tennis (and or Squash)
16) Visit Universal Studios Singapore!
17) Pick up photography - that is subject to getting my DSLR as well
18) Learn all the models needed for work
19) Cycle at Desaru
20) Dive at Redang
21) Read one book a month
22) Make a point to reunite with old time friends from primary, seconday, JC and college every now and then
23) Acquire the speed of clearing at least 1 project a month
24) Double my savings account
25) Bum around at a beach resort
26) Save enough to send my parents on a packaged tour to Hainan Islands in 2012
27) Do a one time splurge at Equinox
28) Get a new laptop! And Ipod Touch/Ipad
29) Pick up piano again - let's start with once a month practice
30) Be a regular blood donor

Most importantly, live life and love life. I only have one and I have to live it well.

Man I need to print this out before I forget all about that. Hahaha. Now that's an exciting 2011 I'm looking at!!! ;)
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